Araghchi: Changing Viewpoints of P5+1 after Lausanne Made Work "Harder"

Araghchi: Changing Viewpoints of P5+1 after Lausanne Made Work
Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:53:27

Iran’s chief negotiator in nuclear talks with the group P5+1 and the Deputy of Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araghchi told Al-Alam News Network correspondent that “Changing Viewpoints of some P5+1 countries after Lausanne Negotiations caused harder works.”

Extension of negotiations are not on the agenda, and negotiating team will try to wrap up on remained issues, Araghchi told Al-Alam News Network correspondent Navid Behrrouz.

Iran chief nuclear negotiator said, “We are trying to reach a deal on agreed deadline, but if we lose deadline it is possible to continue negotiations for some more days until we can conclude on the discussed issues.” Araghchi emphasized that unlike other rounds of negotiation, talks will not extend for some months.

“I think we aren’t in a position to speak of certain progress in some areas, especially that working in some parts have been progressed a bit and in some parts the quality increased,” Araghchi told Al-Alam correspondent.

Araghchi emphasized that “we have a main agreed text and multiple attached texts. In all parts, the work has progressed a bit, we can’t conclude that how much we advanced. But the partially good part of the work has been done and much of the text is finalized. However, the remaining parts of issue has a quality; and the value of its content which must be agreed upon.”

“We got a lot of good solutions in Lausanne which are applying now. But in some issues we didn’t reach a solution in Lausanne, however some cases which we agreed upon in Lausanne are not applicable,” Araghchi said.

Especially the Changing Viewpoints of some P5 + 1 countries after Lausanne had raised harder work. We are discussing these issues, and we hope we can bring it back to a reasonable order. God willing, we are prepared to finalize the text of agreement,” Araghchi added.

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