All Authorities Seeking ‘Good, Glorious' Nuclear Deal

All Authorities Seeking ‘Good, Glorious' Nuclear Deal
Wed Jun 24, 2015 15:10:10

Leader of the Islamic Republic has told a meeting of high-ranking officials of the government “Americans seek to dismantle Iran’s nuclear industry altogether,” Al-Alam News Network reports.

Ayatollah Khamenei received a group of dignitaries and high-ranking officials of the state on Tuesday on the occasion of Ramadan rituals, where he addressed the meeting on ‘positive implications, challenges, and approaches of the Resistance Economy.’

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out key concepts in nuclear negotiations as well, clearly setting redlines to be adhered to by Iran’s nuclear negotiators. He asserted that the Americans sought to deprive Iran totally of its nuclear industry, however, all authorities and government officials had been unanimous in seeking a good, fair, just, and glorious nuclear deal [with the west.]

The first part of the address by the Leader covered the Resistance Economy, where he touched upon Iran’s capabilities in terms of natural resources and technological achievements to lead an economy of resistance, in line with strategies of the country planned to attain the Leader’s announced objectives.

Ayatollah Khamenei praised the authorities in their attempts to strengthen the national economy against the rise of waves of the global hegemonic economies hitting the developing economies; however, he believed that Resistance Economy should mobilize the country’s all potential and current capabilities and capacities.

He told the meeting that the Resistance Economy had been the product of collective rationality and long exchange of opinions by the experts, and now it had already been part of the common economic literature.

Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted the place of 10 million university graduates and current 4 million university students as providing the country with ‘very valuable opportunity’ and source of honor and glory for the country. He pointed to Iran’s natural resources of oil and gas among other capacities along with geopolitically superior position in the region, which connected Europe and south Asia and Caucasus to the Persian Gulf; “with more than 70 million people, now Iran provides a large market worthy of attention as possible contributing factor in the development of the economy,” the Leader added.

“In terms of infrastructure, energy, transportation, power plants, dams, and management experiences accumulated in the country provides us yet with additional opportunities; the country should exploit its capacities inherent in its elites and experts as well as young bright future geniuses,” Ayatollah Khamenei urged. “General lack of deep thinking and superficial examination of the most pressing issues of the country were great challenges before us,” he said.

The Leader rejected the ‘theoretical intellectual debates’ as ‘not going anywhere,’ advocating a problem-solving approach to the issues and concrete action.

He extended his endorsements to the nuclear negotiators who he believed were committed to redlines of the Islamic System. “I recognize our negotiators as trustworthy, committed, brave and faithful; they generally fairly pursue national interest and pride in nuclear negotiations,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.

“During previous government, Americans sent a dignitary from region to ask for direct talks and said they intended to resolve issues with Iran, while recognizing Iran as nuclear power and gradually would lift sanctions by 6 months. We restated our distrust, but gave them another chance,” the Leader gave a general account of how the negotiation with the US and world powers initiated.

“With a review of trend in US demands, anyone would safely conclude that the US seeks dismantling of our nuclear industry and identity, leaving a caricature of it behind,” he told the meeting.

“Major red lines [in nuclear negotiations] include accepting some restrictions; but not for 10 or 15 years; research and development and constructions must continue; all economic, financial and banking sanctions, either by UNSC, US Congress or administration must be lifted on same day deal is signed,” the Leader highlighted. “Other sanctions can be removed gradually by a reasonable timetable."

Lifting sanctions must match Iran’s commitments; stipulating for IAEA approval in any step is not acceptable as IAEA is neither independent, nor fair,” he asserted.

“We do not accept unconventional, military inspections and interrogation of individuals; it is a lie if anyone says there is officials in the Islamic Republic who are against a nuclear deal,” the Leader thus exonerated the authorities from any possible allegations of opposing nuclear deal inside the country.

“We are serious in efforts for lifting sanction, yet see them an opportunity; sanctions made us reconsider and rely on our domestic power,” he gave as examples of the advantage of sanctions.

“If US had fulfilled promises made through regional intermediate, we would have been prepared to step forward; however, soon after talks, US would have ignored its commitments; strategy of resistance and tolerance against pressures worked and Americans admitted [that] sanctions had no crippling impact, so they sought new ways,” Ayatollah Khamenei told the meeting.

“We are seeking a good deal, as Americans do. But by good deal we mean a fair deal while they mean a totalitarian agreement; if US achieved its goals in negotiations, it would be a great victory for US as it would mean defeat of a country who can be a role model to others,” he predicted.

The Leader reiterated Iran’s official position on sanctions: “We have stated from beginning that unfair sanctions must be lifted and for sure we would pay for it if nuclear industry sees no damage or halt; Americans want us to stop everything for 12 years, but such demand is an excessive demand and extreme mistake,” he concluded his remarks.

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