ISIS Video Shows a Victim Crucified + Pics

Sat Jun 20, 2015 18:44:44

ISIS barbarians plumb new depths of depravity with horrific video showing a ‘victim’ having his hand and foot chopped off while tied to a cross, Al-Alam TV reports.


ISIS militants have ratcheted up their savagery with a horrific video showing an executioner hacking off a prisoner's hand and foot while he is tied to a cross.

In shocking footage which has plumbed to new depths of depravity - even by ISIS's sickening standards - the knife-wielding terrorist is seen slicing off the man's limbs as he hangs helplessly from the wooden stake.


After the barbaric attack, the video then zooms in to show the man's corpse - dressed in an orange Guantanamo-style jumpsuit - hanging lifelessly in the middle of the desert.

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