Qalamoun's Terrorists Killed in Fresh Hezbollah, Syrian Army Advances

Qalamoun's Terrorists Killed in Fresh Hezbollah, Syrian Army Advances
Sat Jun 13, 2015 13:02:10

The Syrian army and Hezbollah launched fresh attacks on Nusra Front positions in the Qalamoun border mountains early Saturday, Al-Manar reported, destroying two vehicles and killing a number of militants.

Al-Manar channel said the allied forces destroyed a bulldozer and a military vehicle on the outskirts of Syria's Jarajeer, situated about 20 kilometers east of Lebanon's Arsal, killing all the terrorists inside.

The Syrian army and Hezbollah began advancing toward the outskirts of Jarajeer in north Qalamoun earlier this week after ousting terrorists from areas surrounding Flita, about 7 kilometers southwest of Jarajeer.

At least 244 militants have been killed since Hezbollah and the Syrian army launched the Qalamoun offensive on May 4, according to a source close to Hezbollah.

Nusra Front militants, which lost more than 90 percent of the land they previously ocopied in the region, have now become surrounded from all sides on Arsal’s outskirts.

Syrian Army and Hezbollah controls areas to the south and east of Arsal's outskirts, while the Lebanese Army is present inside the town, and Nusra's rival terrorist ISIS are present in the north.

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