Shiite Forces Ready for Battle of Fallujah + Video

Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:47:32

Shiite militiamen continue to pour into Iraq's Anbar province with the hope of recapturing the city of Fallujah from the “Islamic State group”.

As the US prepares to send an additional 450 trainers to Iraq, the Shiites militias say that coalition assistance only hurts their efforts.

Hadi al-Amiri, head of Shiite BADR Organization and head of "Popular Mobilisation" says Ramadi is nothing, we have something more important than Ramadi. Now we are thinking of extracting the cancer, we are thinking of liberating the city of mosques, the beloved Fallujah from the devil of Daesh We think the liberation of Fallujah will lead us to enter Ramadi without any fighting - so the battle that we are preparing to fight is the battle of Fallujah and God willing, it will be imminent.

Shia militia commander of the "Popular Mobilisation Front" Hadi al-Amiri doesn't believe the American trainers will be overly useful.Fallujah has been held by the militants have held for more than a year.

Hadi al-Amiria dded:"The American forces are unable to do anything about Daesh on the ground. There were 150,000 American troops, thousands of tanks and mortars and hundreds of jets and they were unable to do anything about al-Qaida in 2006-2007 in Ramadi, and were not able to defeat al-Qaida until they formed al-Sahawat (Sunni militia) and they got the help of the local residents. Now 450 'experts' will be able to help resolve the battle?"

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