Larijani: Using Terrorism a Strategic Mistake

Larijani: Using Terrorism a Strategic Mistake
Wed Jun 3, 2015 11:03:11

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani announced those countries that are using terrorist groups as a tactical instrument to achieve their goals are making a strategic mistake.

"Certain regional states train the terrorist groups militarily and supply them with weapons and ammunitions based on this wrong thought that they can use make a tactical use of terrorist groups, while terrorist groups are uncontrollable and will create many security problems for all the regional states," Larijani said in a meeting with Jordan's new Ambassador to Tehran Abdullah Abu Raman on Tuesday.

He said that the recent crises in the region, especially the crises in Iraq and Syria have used up Muslims' energy and merely served the Zionist regime and its supporters' interests.

Larijani described collective cooperation among the regional states as necessary to settle the region's complicated problems.

Abu Raman, for his part, underlined that the current crises in the region benefit the Zionist regime, and said, "The Takfiri groups are a common threat to all the regional states and therefore, all countries should cooperate with each other in fighting them (the terrorists) through strengthening their common points despite differences in their political views."

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