Al-Alam News Network Faced with Heavy Jamming by Saudi

Al-Alam News Network Faced with Heavy Jamming by Saudi
Sat May 30, 2015 22:21:14

The broadcast of Al-Alam News Network on some satellites had been illegally interrupted due to illegal jamming.

The source of jamming signals is the South of Yemen and Ethiopia.

It is a week that Jamming attack on Al-Alam signals on satellites has been started.

Al-Alam office in Beirut reports that Saudi Arabia decided to attack “Resisting Medias”. This jamming is so much heavy that the transponders of satellites which broadcast Al-Alam signals have been interrupted.

In recent years and especially in the period of developments in Arab countries, Al-Alam satellite signals and sites have been continuously under attacks because some countries in the region didn’t want the voice of Al-Alam to be reached to its audiences.

In Saudi aggression to Yemen, Al-Alam TV accounts on Twitter and YouTube had been hacked by Saudi related hackers.

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