Syrian Army Kills Dozens of Terrorists in Sweida Province + Pics

Syrian Army Kills Dozens of Terrorists in Sweida Province + Pics
Wed May 27, 2015 14:45:42

The Syrian army in a series of fresh operations in the province of Sweida in Southern Syria inflicted heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists.

Dozens of the ISIS terrorists were killed in heavy clashes with the army units in Sweida province.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian army launched major attacks on the Al-Nusra Front terrorists in the province of Daraa.

Many terrorists, who attempted to infiltrate from al-Naziheen Camp towards Abdul-Aziz Abazid Mosque, were killed and others were injured, as army units also targeted terrorists' gatherings in the surrounding areas of Ber Um al-Dorj in Daraa al-Balad according to the source.

Military sources, meantime, pointed out that the Syrian army destroyed a mortar launcher pad and a terrorist den, killing all the terrorists inside.

In Northern Daraa, many terrorists were killed and others were injured and their vehicles and weapons in al-Faqie village and East of Ibta’a town were destroyed.

Meantime, Syrian researcher underlined that the new coalition of dissidents in his country will not last long because it lacks a plan.

"The new so-called coalition of Syria's nationalist opposition that declared its formation in Cairo comprises the leaders of the militant groups in Syria," Political and military researcher Mohammad Ali Hossein said.

He noted that the new coalition is trying to gather the foreign opposition groups who have not had a political plan for Syria.

Hossein, meantime, said that the Geneva talks which are held under the auspices of the UN will not yield any result because the countries that are supporting terrorist groups in Syria have not halted supplying the terrorists with weapons and ammunition.


Also, the Syrian army launched a major offensive to fully recapture the ancient city of Palmyra, Homs, from the grip of the ISIS terrorists.

"The air force struck more than 160 Daesh (ISIS) targets, killing and wounding terrorists and destroying weapons and vehicles equipped with machine-guns on the outskirts of Palmyra and elsewhere in the province," a military source said on condition of anonymity.

The source added that mop-up operations are also underway in nearby areas of Palmyra including al-Suknah, the Arak, and al-Hail gas field.

Syrian state TV also reported that more than 50 Takfiri terrorists have been killed since the start of the operation.

The ISIS terrorists recently overran Palmyra in central Homs in an attempt to take full control of the ancient city, but were pushed back by the Syrian troops.

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