Iran's aid ship docks in Djibouti

Iran's aid ship docks in Djibouti
Sat May 23, 2015 11:17:27

Iranian aid ship on Friday docked at Djibouti's port where its cargo can be shipped to conflict-torn Yemen.

The ship entered Djibouti waters yesterday and after inspection by the international organization will head towards Yemen.

The Iran Shahed vessel, carrying 2,500 tonnes of food and medical supplies, was previously bound for the Yemeni port of Hodaida before Iran agreed on Wednesday to allow the inspection by U.N. officials.

A trickle of aid, medicine and commercial food cargoes is reaching Yemen yet the process remains slow as more ships await clearance to discharge at ports and logistical chains buckle due to fuel shortages and war.

Before Saudi Arabia launched air strikes in Yemen in March, the Arabian Peninsula’s poorest country imported more than 90 per cent of its food — most of it by sea.

It faces increasing problems as many shipping companies have pulled out and those still willing to bring cargoes endure a long wait for clearance from Saudi-led warships trying to prevent arms supplies reaching Iran-allied Houthi Revolutionary fighters.

Warplanes from the Saudi-led coalition pounded three Yemeni cities on Friday.

The coalition has stepped up its raids on Yemen since a humanitarian ceasefire ended late Tuesday.

The latest violence came as the UN’s human rights agency said that at least 1,037 civilians have been killed in Yemen since the start of the air campaign on March 26.

The spokeswoman said 234 children and 134 women were dead.

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