Ansarullah Captures 15 Saudi Spies in Hudayda Port /// Video

Fri May 22, 2015 20:22:43

The Ansarullah revolutionary forces seized over a dozen members of Saudi spies in Yemen's Hudayda port, where an Iranian aid cargo vessel is due to arrive in coming days.

"A sum of 15 members of Saudi Arabia's intelligence apparatus have been arrested," Hamid Tariq al-Adnani, a senior Ansarullah leader, told FNA on Thursday.

Al-Adnani disclosed that the Saudi spies had arrived in Hudayda to launch terrorist attacks against Iranian relief aid ships and fire missiles at them.

The Ansarullah top official also announced that state-of-the-art weapons and missiles have been confiscated from the terrorists.

Also RT reporting that Yemeni hackers have allegedly released thousands of top secret Saudi Arabia documents, including spies' identities, after gaining “full control” of over 3,000 computers and servers belonging to Riyadh's Foreign, Interior and Defense Ministries.

The Yemen Cyber Army group claims it not only has the addresses, phone numbers and emails of top Saudi diplomats, Foreign Ministry staff, secret agents and army personnel, but also got hold of classified files and correspondence of senior Riyadh officials with other countries and governments since early 1980s.

In the battle field Ansarullah fighters and Yemeni army troops opened their path into the mountainous area near the border with Yemen on Thursday and destroyed several Saudi military vehicles as well as ammunition, according to Yemen's al-Masirah TV channel.

The report also said that Saudi troops were forced to withdraw from the region.The Yemeni army troops and Ansarullah fighters have also taken control of al-Radif mountain.

Also Yemeni tribal fighters took control of al-Tuwal region in the southwestern province of Jizan region of southwestern Saudi Arabia, Yemeni media reported.

Al-Massirah TV said that the tribal fighters shelled and seized two military posts in al-Tuwal: al-Radif and Burj Abu Kasaf.

Yemeni sources meanwhile reported that about 17 Saudi soldiers were killed as the tribal fighters shelled Woa’o military post.

The shelling destroyed several vehicles in the posts as it forced Saudi soldiers in al-Makhrouq military post to flee, the sources added.


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