ISIS Captures a Small Town near Ramadi /// Video

Fri May 22, 2015 18:13:36

The ISIS terrorist group continued its offensive in the Anbar province Friday, capturing the town of Husseiba, four miles east of Ramadi.

Meanwhile Iraqi allied forces attacked ISIS terrorists in east of Ramadi and killed a dozen terrorists.

Iraqi security forces and Popular Mobilization Forces are preparing needed weaponry and back up for liberating Anbar province.

ISIS terrorists declared victory in the small Iraqi town when police and tribal forces retreated after allegedly running out of ammunition, according to media reports.

“We have not received any assistance from the government,” tribal leader Sheikh Rafie al-Fahdawi told the Associated Press by phone. “Our men fought to the last bullet and several of them were killed."

ISIS took control of Ramadi, capital of western Iraq’s Anbar province, on Sunday.

Al-Fahdawi admitted on Friday that ISIS’s gains in Husseiba edged them closer to Habbaniyah, a crucial government military base situated nearby.“The situation is very critical,” he said.

“The militants are about five kilometers from Habbaniyah base, which is now in great danger,” al-Fahdawi added.

ISIS’s captures this small town in Iraq followed similar momentum in Syria earlier this week.

The terrorist group seized the ancient city of Palmyra, a U.N. World Heritage site, on Wednesday after days of fighting, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group based in the U.K.

The AP additionally reported on Thursday that ISIS has killed at least 280 soldiers and government forces since capturing Palmyra, according to activists there.

It added that ISIS also conquered al-Tanf on Thursday, taking the last border crossing between Iraq and Syria.

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