Saudi Arabia Advertises to Hire 8 New Headsmen

Saudi Arabia Advertises to Hire 8 New Headsmen
Tue May 19, 2015 17:07:17

Saudi Arabia has recently published a statement to hire 8 executioners.

According to Al-Alam News Network, Saudi Arabia’s statement shows that this country needs more headsmen for beheading the convicted people.

In Saudi Arabia, being an executioner doesn’t need any talent or ability; they should only cut the condemned people’s heads or organs with a sword.

Human Rights Watch announced that a man was killed last Sunday in Saudi Arabia. Human Rights Watch added 88 people in 2014 and 85 people in 2015 have been executed in Saudi Arabia.

Half of the convicted people were Saudis, and the rest were from Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, India, Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma), Chad, Philippines, and Sudan.

Amnesty International stated 90 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia in 2014.

Human Rights Watch also mentioned that the number of executions has been increased, but Saudi Arabia officials do not report.

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