Footprint of Lebanon Salafi’s “sheikh Assir” in Anbar Suicide Blasts / Pics

Footprint of Lebanon Salafi’s “sheikh Assir” in Anbar Suicide Blasts / Pics
Sun May 17, 2015 17:05:37

A supporter of firebrand preacher Ahmad Assir was killed in a suicide bombing operation in Iraq over the weekend and Also British ISIS fighter named Abu Musa al-Britani participated in another suicide blast in same day.

Rashed Abi Zeid, also known as “Abu Adam,” was a Sidon resident who reportedly carried out a suicide attack in the Iraqi province of Anbar Friday, a security source told The Daily Star.

He was behind one of three car bombs that blew up near the Anbar Operations Command, on the western side of the city of Ramadi Friday, according to ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts.

In a Twitter post Saturday, Assir described Abu Adam as “a likeable young man whom I met at Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque.”

“His protectiveness of Islam and Muslims did not calm until he was killed in Anbar,” he added.
On Friday, Abi Zeid’s family announced their son’s death but did not disclose how or where he was killed.

The statement circulated by the family said their son was “martyred on 15 May 2015 outside of Lebanon.”

Security forces had been on the lookout for “Abu Adam,” after he left Lebanon for Turkey roughly two months ago.

any supporters of Assir have gone into hiding in the aftermath of their 2013 battle with the Lebanese Army in Sidon.


Assir was the "Imam" of the Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque in Abra, near the site of the 2013 clashes.The clashes in Abra resulted in the deaths of 18 Army soldiers and around 40 of Assir’s followers. The Army also apprehended 46 suspected militants during the fighting.

According to "The independent" in same day British ISIS fighter Abu Musa al-Britani 'blows himself up in suicide bombing' in Ramadi.

British ISIS fighter has reportedly blown himself up in a suicide bombing during the group's offensive on a government stronghold in Iraq.

The so-called Islamic State released pictures of the man, known by his chosen pseudonym Abu Musa al-Britani, on social media today calling him a “martyr”.

He is said to have taken part in one of a number of strikes by the group as it moved into Ramadi.

Abu Musa al-Britani



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