US resumes training Syria militants

US resumes training Syria militants
Thu May 7, 2015 22:57:00

The American military has started training "moderate" militants in Jordan to fight the ISIL terrorists in Syria, US officials say.

The training is underway at a site set up by the US and allies in the "coalition" against ISIL.

The US plans to train and arm a force that is set to total more than 15,000 militants by 2018. The program aims to train 5,000 militants annually for the next three years.

On Wednesday, it was announced by US military officials that hundreds of US troops will begin to train thousands of militants fighting against the ISIL terrorist group in Syria as soon as this week.

At least 400 US soldiers were already in Jordan and Turkey in anticipation of the training program.

 Syria has been gripped by deadly unrest since March 2011. The United States and its regional allies -- especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey -- are supporting the militants operating inside the country.

The United Nations said more than 3.8 million Syrians have left their country since the beginning of the crisis and over 7.2 million Syrians have also become internally displaced.



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