Treatment of the Injured Iraqis in War against ISIS

Thu May 7, 2015 18:30:18

Islamic Republic of Iran treated the Iraqi soldiers who were wounded in the liberation of the Southern Kirkuk against ISIS, Al-Alam TV correspondent reports.

The Southwest of Kirkuk has recently witnessed a large-scale operations against the terrorist group ISIS that were associated with massive victories by Iraqi Army and the popular volunteers.

During these operations, a number of Iraqi soldiers were killed and a number were injured, some severely injured were required treatment abroad.

Al-Alam TV reporter added: Islamic Republic of Iran spearheaded in this issue and admitted curing of the Iraqi forces who were wounded during the liberation operation against ISIS in the Southwest of Kirkuk.

Some of the wounded were transferred to Iran for treatment, and some were admitted in hospitals in Sulaymaniyah in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

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