ISIS Claim Responsibility for Texas Attack

ISIS Claim Responsibility for Texas Attack
Mon May 4, 2015 15:27:14

Two people were shot dead outside a contest to Offensive action of drawing carton of prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the US state of Texas on Sunday.

Now ISIS fighter claimed on Twitter that the shooting was carried out by two pro-ISIS individuals, Daily Mail reports.

Two heavily-armed gunmen suspected to have been carrying explosives have been shot dead after opening fire outside an anti-Muslim exhibition in Dallas.

Exhibition which far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who has linked the holy book of Koran and Islam to terrorism and is very outspoken on Muslim involved in this Offensive act.

A picture taken from inside the event just before the attack showed Geller giving a check for $12,500 to Bosch Fawtin who won the event

He told the Dallas Morning News he believed there would be no danger because of the high levels of security surrounding the event.

Event held by American Freedom Defense Initiative, Organizer Pamela Geller had written before that she knew there were risks, But insisted event had to go ahead to oppose “the jihad against freedom”.

The group spent $10,000 on 40 additional security officers, aware of potential threats they may attract, while Garland Police officers were fully prepared to deal with any issues that arose.

The SITE Intelligence Group reported that an ISIS (IS) fighter claimed on Twitter that the shooting was carried out by two pro-ISIS individuals.

Other ISIS supporters claimed on Twitter that one of the gunmen was a man calling himself Shariah Is Light on the social media site, using the account name @atawaakul, according to New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi.

He had posted a message earlier that said 'the bro with me and myself have given bay'ah [oath] to Amirul Mu'mineen [ISIS leader Al Baghdadi]. May Allah accept us as mujahideen texas attack'.