2,800 Killed or Injured By Iraq Violence in April: UN

2,800 Killed or Injured By Iraq Violence in April: UN
Sun May 3, 2015 21:22:56

More than 800 Iraqis were killed and nearly 2,000 more injured by terrorism, violence and armed conflict in April, says the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq.

UNAMI released its monthly report on casualties in Iraq on Saturday, showing 535 Iraq civilians were killed, along with 277 members of the Iraqi Security Forces.

An additional 1,456 civilians and 270 ISF fighters were wounded.

The governorate of Baghdad was most heavily impacted by violence, with 319 civilian deaths and 846 injuries last month.

The report, as always, does not include the casualty figures from the Anbar province.

"Scores of innocent Iraqis are falling every day," said United Nations Special Representative for the Secretary-General Jan Kubis. "Victims of criminal terrorist acts and of the ongoing armed conflict in some of the country's provinces."

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