ISIS Chechen Head in Attack to Baiji Oil Refinery Killed

ISIS Chechen Head in Attack to Baiji Oil Refinery Killed
Sun May 3, 2015 20:32:07

An ISIS head, Abu Ibrahim Chechen, was killed in an operation carried out by Iraqi security forces in Salahuddin province.

Abu Ibrahim Chechen was the military official for ISIS’ operations in Baiji oil refinery 40 km north of Tikrit.

Iraqi forces also destroyed a factory for the production of explosives, as well as dismantling a number of car bombs in Salahuddin.

Abu Ibrahim Chechen is killed while media reporting Al-Baghdadi Incapacitated and ISIS Will Take Revenge.

Three sources close to ISIS have confirmed that Baghdadi’s wounds could mean he will never again lead the organization, Guardian reports.

ISIS is now being led by a long-term senior official, Abu Alaa al-Afri, who had been appointed deputy leader when his predecessor was killed by an air strike late last year.

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