ISIS 5-Star Hotel Opens for VIP Member of ISIS

ISIS 5-Star Hotel Opens for VIP Member of ISIS
Sat May 2, 2015 14:51:34

All 262 rooms at the Ninawa Hotel in Mosul will initially be reserved for visiting commanders.


It is likely to be patrolled by members of ISIS notorious al-Khansaa brigade – ISIS women police force - which checks subjects are obeying the group’s rules.

That means dancing, music, smoking or gambling are forbidden and women must dress head-to-toe in black including gloves and never be seen unaccompanied in public areas. Those who don’t obey will be at risk of being flogged, beheaded or crucified.

According to Daily Star, it will be open for weddings so terrorist brides can marry fighters.

ISIS had closed down all hotels in its captured regions of Syria and Iraq.

But they are reversing the move in a bid to prove to the world that they are running a civilized society.

Ninawa International Hotel was one of the best hotels in Iraq.



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