Bloody Formula Grand Prix Bahrain from Another view

Bloody Formula Grand Prix Bahrain from Another view
Sat Apr 18, 2015 13:57:49

The Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff posted a caricature against the Formula 1 Grand Prix wich start on Friday in Bahrain.

The caricature depicts how the Bahraini regime is using the Formula 1 tournament in order to overshadow human rights abuses.

The cartoon portrays the Bahraini King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa aiming the exhaust fumes of a racecar at the world, covering its eyes, while a policeman beats a peaceful protester, Bahrain Mirror reports.

Latuff is well-known for his support for the Bahrain uprising that erupted on February 14, 2011, and has expressed his opposition to the Formula 1 races in Bahrain over the past few years by a number of caricatures that gained popularity worldwide.

yesterday Thousands of Bahraini demonstrators have taken to the streets of this country to protest against arrest and detention of opposition figures against al-Khalifa Regime, Al-Alam reports.

In al-Deraz, Karzakan, Sanad and al-Daih, west of Manama people protest against al-Khalifa regime.

According to local sources, al-Khalifa regime attack peaceful protester in al-Deraz region near Manama.

One of detained figures is sheikh Ali Salman head of the Shiite opposition movement Al-Wefaq who is behind bars for allegedly trying to overthrow the regime.

His arrest on December 28, 2014, shortly after he was re-elected head of Bahrain's main opposition party Al-Wefaq, has sparked near-daily protests in Shiite villages.

Demonstrators were also protesting against Bahrain Grand Prix Formula One irrespective of a bloody crackdown launched by brutal Bahraini regime against its people.

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