Al-Alam News Network Hacked Social Accounts, Restored

Al-Alam News Network Hacked Social Accounts, Restored
Tue Apr 14, 2015 19:40:29

After hacker groups related to Saudi Arabia intelligence organization hacked Al-Alam accounts in social networks of twitter and You Tube, Al-Alam engineering and technical crews can restore the hacked accounts.

3 day ago Al-Alam News Network Twitter account and YouTube channel hacked by Saudi Arabia government related groups and temporarily were out of reach.

Meanwhile Hackers publish some false news about Martyrdom of Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, the leader of Ansaruallah group on our page which strongly rejected at the time.

But some Arabic media including Saudi Al-Arabia channel broadcast this false news in the field of psychological war.

Although Al-Alam rejected news published in the hacked accounts, supporters of Saudi aggression against Yemeni people publish false news that military base of Ansarullah and Yemen army targeted in airstrike but the real victims of Saudi attacks are elderly, women and children of yemen.

The Saudi-led attacks have drawn international criticism after claiming the lives of at least 2500 people, mostly women and children, and razing thousands of housing units to the ground.

The reason behind attacking Al-Alam in social media is this outlets in region who are related to al-Saud family,fears Al-Alam efforts to publishing truthful news and revealing the main nature of Saudi aggression in Yemen, shows their real face.

International independent outlet after hacking Al-Alam show Reaction to this Attacks of Hackers.

One of this criticism is: “ reports Zio-Wahhabi and I$raHell hacked Al-Alam’s Twitter and YouTube accounts”. It added: Zio-Wahhabi is angry from Al-Alam’s news about the Zio-Wahhabi CIA puppet’s airstrikes to Yemen in recent weeks.

After attack Al-Alam accused the Saudi government of being behind the cyberattack in retaliation for the channel's truthful coverage of the bombing campaign in Yemen launched on March 26.

The hackers posted several tweets containing what they said were the names and contact details of Al-Alam correspondents around the Middle East.

Hackers also publish a video on Al-Alam's YouTube account featured a song in praise of Saudi King Salman.

Al-Alam's professional activities regarding Saudi Arabia's aggression of Yemen in recent weeks have caused the Saudis to be greatly furious with this network.

In the past the Al-Alam station was taken off the air by Arab satellite operators based in Egypt and Saudi Arabia .

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