ISIS Set Fire Hundreds of Crates of Halal Chicken + pics

ISIS Set Fire Hundreds of Crates of Halal Chicken + pics
Fri Apr 3, 2015 17:39:58

ISIS fire hundreds of crates of Halal chicken despite thousands of refugees facing starvation in Syria - because it was made in the U.S.

Depraved ISIS militants have deliberately destroyed hundreds of boxes of American-produced Halal chicken despite hundreds of thousands facing starvation in war-torn Syria.

The barbaric terror group released photos show crates of chicken being set alight in a field near the city of Aleppo even though the meat being was slaughtered according to Islamic law and was perfectly fit for consumption.

The food was burned after the terrorists noticed labels on the boxes that suggested the birds had been reared and slaughtered in the United States - something ISIS considers so beyond the pale that hungry refugees on the brink of starving to death are banned from eating the meat.

Instead, the two Lorries were stopped by ISIS' religious police force - known as Al-Hesbah - at a checkpoint in Aleppo province, where the cargo was deemed unlawful.

The photographs of the appalling wastage were proudly published on ISIS social media accounts.

According to the Syrian American Medical Society, around 650,000 Syrian civilians are living in heavily besieged communities in the country.

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