Dozens of ISIL Terrorists Flee from Tikrit to Mosul

Wed Apr 1, 2015 19:52:42

The terrorists of the ISIL have fled to Mosul from Tikrit after town being liberated by the Security Forces and the volunteers of Public mobilization.

Iraqi security forces and Shiite paramilitary fighters seize control of western and southern Tikrit and reach the center of the city in their battle against ISIS terrorists. still Army keeps up fight against ISIS terrorists.

A local security source told Iraqi News “Almost about 50 pickup trucks full of dozens of the terrorists arrived at Mosul fleeing from Tikrit after the Security Forces and the volunteers of Public mobilization liberated about most of its area from the ISIL control.

He said: “many of the injured terrorists were taken to hospitals to receive medical cure”.

The source added that “the ISIL terrorists call people for blood donation for the injuries”.

Meanwhile ISIS organizes military parade in central Mosul to raise morale of its elements.

Local source in Nineveh province announced that the ISIS group organized a military parade with a number of military vehicles in central Mosul to raise the morale of its elements, while emphasized that many of the city’s residents were surprised at the parade going smoothly without being targeted by the international coalition aircrafts, which are constantly patrolling over the city.

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