Watch Iraqi Forces Offensive Against ISIS in Center of Tikrit

Thu Mar 19, 2015 21:24:18

Iraqi security forces have begun an intensive artillery strike against ISIS shelters in central Tikrit.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi assured that the security and military operations in Salahudin province are going on according to set schedule.

The Iraq MOD also announced that some villages in Salahudin province towards Tuz- Khurmatu district have completely been liberated from the control of the terrorists of the ISIL without any resistance referring that many families came back to their liberated villages.

It added that “the Air Force burnt seven vehicles full of weapons and another one full of the terrorists”,noting that “the EOD of the fifth Brigade had a big role in dismantling the bombs,clearing the roads and open them to the military forces”.

On Nineveh Kurdish Peshmerga forces have managed to repel an ISIS attack on the district of Sinjar, located in west of Mosul.

Meanwhile US warplanes destroyed a small oriented plane used by ISIS elements in Iraq.

The American radio station ‘Sawa’ quoted a statement by the Pentagon as saying, “Air strikes took place near the city of Fallujah led to the destruction of a remotely-controlled plane and a vehicle belonging to the ISIS group.”

Pentagon officials said, “The small plane was used by ISIS elements to explore the battlefield,” noting that, “It’s not a sophisticated plane compared to the US oriented aircrafts, which are capable of flying at great heights and firing rockets.”

Iraq has been fighting a war on multiple fronts against ISIS since June last year, after its control over parts of the city of Mosul and its expansion toward the northern areas and declaring the “Islamic caliphate” last July.

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