ISIS Executes 38 Men While Escaping Battlefield

ISIS Executes 38 Men While Escaping Battlefield
Fri Mar 13, 2015 21:30:04

Iraqi local media reporting that ISIS had executed 38 of its gunmen in Mosul while they are escaping from the battlefield.

Media official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Mimousine Saeed said “The ISIS group executed this morning 38 of its armed men in al-Salamiya area eastern Mosul,” noting that, “The execution came after their escape from the battlefields.”

Mimousine added, “Their bodies were taken to an unknown location.”

In the past few days Iraqi army, Peshmerga forces and Popular Mobilization Forces offensive crack down ISIS. Iraqi local media saying Tikrit almost liberated and more than 80 percent of salhuddin province liberated by allied forces.

The ISIS continues to be on the offensive in Iraq and Syria, but is increasingly struggling with dissension in the ranks and maintaining control over the towns and villages it has seized, The New York Times reported.

Specifically, there are reports of dozens of executions and imprisonments of Islamic State fighters who have tried to leave the group, and difficulties with trying to maintain a presence in a battle on numerous fronts. There are also some that are disgruntled about salaries and living conditions.

Meanwhile, some recruits have been turned off after witnessing extreme violence.

To date, the group has only lost roughly 20 percent of the territory it claimed in Iraq, one defense official told the Times.

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