Jordanian Changes Municipal Uniform Color Away From ISIS Orange

Jordanian Changes Municipal Uniform Color Away From ISIS Orange
Wed Mar 11, 2015 23:07:16

The brother of slain Jordanian pilot Muadh al-Kasasbeh launched a campaign asking a Jordanian city to change the color of their municipal uniforms away from orange.

The orange attire worn by the approximately 4,600 city employees of Amman, Jordan, is nearly identical in color to the robes the Islamic State forces their hostages to wear before execution.

Al-Kasasbeh was burned to death wearing such a robe, and ISIS later released the video of his murder online through social media.

Western hostages, like American reporter James Foley and British aid worker Alan Henning, also wore orange robes in their execution videos.

“It’s the right of our children not to see this color in the streets. Our workers and our people deserve not to have to see this color, which reminds them of the evil actions of Islamic State,” Jawad al-Kasasbeh, the pilot’s brother, told The New York Times.

Amman officials created an online poll to determine the new color of the uniforms, offering eight new options including green, pink, turquoise, yellow and brown.

The winning color was turquoise, according to the Times, the new uniforms will go into effect on March 21.

Al-Kasasbeh told the Times the new color choice is “beautiful and signifies life and energy, everything that is the opposite of Daesh [ISIS.]”

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