Beheading; common Similarity among ISIS and Israeli FM

Beheading; common Similarity among ISIS and Israeli FM
Mon Mar 9, 2015 20:34:00

The Israeli foreign minister and head of the right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party Avigdor Lieberman suggested during a campaign event that Arab citizens who live on the occupied territories and are disloyal to the state, deserve to be decapitated.

"Whoever is with us should get everything," Lieberman said in a speech at the Interdisciplinary Center in the western city of Herzliya on Sunday. "Whoever is against us, there's nothing else to do. We have to lift up an axe and remove his head, otherwise we won't survive here."

During the rally, the nationalist leader declared those who raise the black flag on Nakba Day, when more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs fled or were expelled from their homes, during the 1948 Palestine war and Israeli Arabs and Palestinians commemorate the creation of Israel as a tragedy, do not belong in the “state of Israel.”

“Those who raise the black flag on 'Nakba Day' in mourning over the establishment of Israel do not belong here, as far as I am concerned,” he said. “I am quite willing to donate them to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas. It would be my pleasure.”

Lieberman made these remarks ahead of Israel’s March 17 general election. Several officials have spoken out against Lieberman’s comments.

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