'Senior ISIS Commanders Killed in Air Strikes, Fate of Baghdadi Unknown'

'Senior ISIS Commanders Killed in Air Strikes, Fate of Baghdadi Unknown'
Thu Feb 26, 2015 19:36:56

It is reporting that coalition received intel on ISIS leader locations; Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reportedly en route to area when location targeted.

A number of prominent ISIS operatives were killed Thursday in intensive air-strikes by the US-led coaltion against the terrorist group in the Iraqi town of al-Qaim near the Syrian border, Jpost reports.

It was not clear if ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was injured in the strikes, however he reportedly was en route to the area.

The air strikes targeted five ISIS-held locations and were based upon accurate intelligence, according to the report.

Dozens of members and leaders of the terrorist organization were killed in the strike. A hospital source told Reuters that at least 17 ISIS militants were killed overnight in al-Qaim and 29 additional militants were wounded.

Many ISIS institutions and building in al-Qaim were destroyed in the strikes. The group instructed local residents not to leave their homes after the coalition raids.

According to the report, ISIS reinforcements from Syria were called to al-Qaim in the aftermath of the attack to help evacuate the dead and wounded.


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