Brave Elderly Woman Calls ISIS Terrorists “DEVILS” + Video

Sun Feb 15, 2015 21:56:58

The clip shows the woman approach the fighters' car and telling them to "turn back to God" and that they should stop "slaughtering" innocent people.

She tells them that none of their actions are in the "way of God" and that ISIS are a "cursed" group who will not "win" anything.

The video, believed to be shot in Syria, has gone viral and been viewed more than a million times on Facebook alone. AP reports.

then tells them their killing of Kurdish people is forbidden and adds: "I swear nothing what you have done was in the way of God."

The terrorists at first listen to what the elderly woman has to say before laughing at her and telling her to "go away".

However, she continues reproaching the ISIS fighters and tells them the only thing they will achieve is acting like "donkeys" and murdering people.

Despite the ISIS fighters openly laughing at her impassioned pleas she continues to try to sway their minds.

She quotes from memory passages from the Koran which condemns killing and encourages Muslims to make peace during grievances between each other.

Brave Elderly Woman Calls ISIS Terrorists “DEVILS”

The elderly woman quotes one passage which says: "If two parties of the believers quarrel, make peace between them."

She adds: "The believers are but brothers so make settlement between your brothers.

"And fear Allah that you may receive mercy."

At one points she tells the fighters: "Turn back to God, fear God!

"You don't want this slaughtering nor do you want this murder."

But the fighters simply respond with: "We have come to you with slaughter!"

The clip ends abruptly while the woman is still addressing the fighters - it is unclear what happened to her after the encounter.

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