ISIS Shows Egyptians Kidnapped, Egypt Clarifying Situation

ISIS Shows Egyptians Kidnapped, Egypt Clarifying Situation
Fri Feb 13, 2015 14:40:03

Pictures purportedly of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians kidnapped in Sirte over the past two months have been published in an English-language pro-ISIL magazine entitled Dabiq showing them as if about to be executed.

 Last month ISIS claimed it was holding 21 Egyptian Christians.

The magazine called them, bizarrely, “Coptic crusaders” and said their capture was revenge for the alleged kidnapping by the Coptic Church of Coptic women who had converted to Islam.

  Calling the abducted men “Coptic crusaders” the report says that Egyptian Christian women who converted to Islam were “tortured and murdered” by the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Wearing orange jump suits, the men are shown being forced to kneel on a beach in front of men dressed from head to toe in black and holding guns to their heads, as if ready to shot them. It is not known if that happened.

 No bodies have been found and the publication itself talks of the Copts being “humiliated”, suggesting that the macabre pictures were a staged for propaganda purposes.