Moscow Peace Meeting Positive: Syria Envoy

Moscow Peace Meeting Positive: Syria Envoy
Fri Jan 30, 2015 14:13:20

The head of the Syrian delegation to the Russian-brokered peace meeting aimed at helping resolve the ongoing crisis in Syria has described the talks as positive, IRNA reports.

Bashar al-Jaafari, on Thursday described the talks as positive although he described the widening divisions among the so-called opposition groups as a main obstacle to reaching an agreement.

The senior Syrian diplomat, who was addressing media after the talks ended in Moscow, blamed the opposition groups attending the talks for their lack of unity.

'We did not hear a single unified position from the opposition delegations. What some could agree on, others rejected,' said Jaafari, according to TNA.

Jaafari, who also serves as Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations, said he and the accompanying delegation had agreed to a set of proposals by Moscow, but some opposition forces rejected those proposals.

The proposals, known as “Moscow principles,” include maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, confronting terrorism, trying to resolve the current disputes through diplomatic means and countering foreign intervention.

The Moscow-mediated negotiations started on Wednesday with six members of the Syrian government meeting 32 members of various opposition groups. The initiative came after previous attempts by the United Nations for reducing the hostilities between the warring sides in Syria had failed.

But in the military arena, Syrian army pushed back terrorists of Jaysh Al-Islam led by Zahran Aloush from Doma and Damascus countryside.

In Noble and Al-Zahra, popular resistance forces kills some terrorist of Nusar front.

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