Nearly Half French Oppose Prophet Mohammed Cartoons

Nearly Half French Oppose Prophet Mohammed Cartoons
Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:43:37

Almost half of French oppose publication of cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), according to a poll Sunday, as global debate deepened on the limits of free speech in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings, The Express Tribute reports.

The Ifop poll found 42 percent believe Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) cartoons seen as offensive by many Muslims should not be published. Fifty percent said they backed “limitations on free speech online and on social networks.”

However, 57 percent said opposition from Muslims should not prevent the cartoons being published, according to the poll, published in Le Journal du Dimanche.

The poll found overwhelming support — 81 percent — for stripping French nationality from dual nationals who have committed an act of terrorism on French soil.

Sixty eight percent favored banning French citizens from returning to the country if “they are suspected of having gone to fight in countries or regions controlled by terrorist groups,” such as Syria.

The same percentage backed bans on people suspected of wanting to join “jihadist” movements from leaving France.

However, 57 percent of respondents to the poll opposed French military intervention in countries including Libya, Syria and Yemen.

The poll was conducted last week in the wake of the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris, where gunmen killed 12 people, saying they were taking revenge for repeated publication by the magazine of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) caricatures.

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