Al-Qaeda in Yemen Rival ISIL for Directing Paris Attacks

Al-Qaeda in Yemen Rival ISIL for Directing Paris Attacks
Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:56:33

Al-Qaeda in Yemen claims directing Paris attacks as ‘revenge while the murder of police officer claimed that he was linked to the ISIL takfiri terrorists.

A statement sent to several media outlets by an alleged member of Al-Qaeda in Yemen claims the terrorist group is responsible for the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Cherif Kouachi, one of the two brothers suspected of killing 12 people at the office of Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper on Wednesday, told the French channel that they carried out the attack on behalf of Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Coulibaly, who is also wanted for the murder of a female police officer on Thursday, claimed that he was linked to the ISIL terrorists group.

Coulibaly was killed as the police stormed the grocery store in Porte de Vincennes in Paris. However, the hostage taker managed to kill four people before being shot dead.



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