ISIS Detain 80 Al-Obaid Tribesmen in East of Tikrit

ISIS Detain 80 Al-Obaid Tribesmen in East of Tikrit
Mon Jan 5, 2015 13:04:47

The ISIS terrorist organization has waged an attack on Monday, on Arbetha village east of Tikrit city in Salahuddin province.

An official security source and witnesses told “Shafaq News", that “ISIS stormed the village and controlled it, and has arrested 80 people from al-Obaid clan without knowing the motives behind the arrests.

In other part of the country in Anbar, provincial council saying internal differences within the ISIS began to expand in areas under their control in western Ramadi, while showed that the majority of reinforcements are entering from Syrian territory to Iraq subjected to bombardment.

The deputy governor, Mustafa al-Ersan said "The internal disputes occurred among ISIS elements in Tameem areas in Ramadi, Rutba and al-Qaem in the past days has claimed the lives of many of them."

A tribal source said early on Thursday that the leader of ISIS terrorist leader , Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ended last week an internal fighting among the members of Albu Hardan , Albu Obaid clans and foreigner elements of ISIS organization in al-Qaem district western Ramadi city.

The source said that al-Baghdadi, ordered the arrest of 30 ISIS elementsfrom Albu Hardan , Albu Obaid clans and 20 foreign elements of ISIS.

ISIS is trying to progress toward Haditha Dam and control it but its attacks over the past few days had foiled with the support of military forces of the army and tribes.

Yesterday Iraq Army Repels ISIS Attacks in on Anazh station on the Iraqi-Saudi border west of Ramadi and in the al-Baghdadi district of the western province of Anbar. More than 40 ISIL terrorists killed during the clashes.

Today attackers killed two Saudi border guards including a senior officer and injured a third on the kingdom's frontier with Iraq in a rare shooting and suicide assault early on Monday, the Saudi interior ministry anounced.

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