14 Y-O Boy Forced to be Suicide Bomber Plots Escape From ISIL

14 Y-O Boy Forced to be Suicide Bomber Plots Escape From ISIL
Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:03:34

A 14-year-old Syrian boy, clad in a vest lined with explosives, turned himself in to Iraqi authorities as he defected from the Islamic State terrorist group.

Usaid Barho, a 14-year-old Syrian boy was recruited by extremists in home town of Manbij in Syria.He had a bomb vest strapped to his body before travelling to a Shia mosque in Baghdad, Iraq where he was supposed to detonate the explosive device.

Barho walked up to a Shia mosque in Baghdad’s neighborhood of Baiya that he had been ordered to target in a suicide attack.

“I opened up my jacket and said, ‘I have a suicide vest, but I don’t want to blow myself up,’” he said in an interview with media.

As chaos erupted, plainclothes security officials removed the vest off of him as other officers scrambled to keep people at bay.Barho was recruited by ISIL in a mosque in his war-torn hometown of Manbij, near Aleppo, which was overrun by the militant group.

“They seduced us to join the caliphate,” he said as he explained.

He was then taken to Iraq where time spent among the militants changed his view of the group.
“I noticed things I saw that were different from Islam.”

Barho said his discontent with the group grew by “the way they are killing innocent people.”

By the end of his training, he was taken to Iraq where he was given the choice between becoming a fighter or a suicide bomber.



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