ISIS Attacked Anbar Province by Chemical Weapons

ISIS Attacked Anbar Province by Chemical Weapons
Thu Dec 25, 2014 16:40:10

ISIS militants have shelled a city in the western Iraqi province of Anbar with chlorine gas missiles.

This is not the first time that ISIS terrorists are reported to be using chemicals against people, as Iraq previously confirmed a chlorine gas attack against security forces dating September 15.

This time, however, the attack have targeted civilians besieged by the terrorists.

“The ISIL terrorists bombarded Baghdadi district of western Anbar province with mortar shells loaded with chlorine gas,” reported late on Wednesday, citing an unnamed security official.

The attack took place in the city of Hit, which lies to the northwest of the provincial capital of Ramadi and has come under constant shelling.

“Baghdadi district suffers from lack of food staff, medical supplies which caused death for four children,” the security source said, adding that the people are also suffering from water shortages due to ISIS attacks.

The militants reportedly stopped local water pumps and positioned snipers to prevent authorities from entering the area to fix them.

IS has reportedly used chlorine gas in the town of Duluiyah, Iraq, in autumn 2014.

Yesterday Iraqi Army repelled an attack by the ISIS militants on the town of Hit.

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