Iraqi Forces Retake Samarra-Fallujah Road

Iraqi Forces Retake Samarra-Fallujah Road
Wed Dec 3, 2014 13:57:18

The Iraqi forces in Samarra have managed to liberate the main road, which connects Samarra and al-Fallujah, Iraqi TV channel ‘Al-Iraqiya’ reported.

According to ‘Al-Iraqiya’, Samarra Operations has announced the liberation of the main road between Samarra and al-Fallujah regions from ISIS militants, adding that the Iraqi forces have redeemed the area and liberated the surrounding villages of the Samarra-Fallujah road.

“The operation was a part of an extensive offensive to liberate the region in south of Tikrit” the report said.

Moreover, Iraqi forces kill 150 ISIS militants in clashes at Tikrit University. The head of Salahuddin police, Gen. Officer Hamad al-Names announced, that 150 ISIS elements have been killed and 5 armored vehicles that belonged to the group were destroyed in the surroundings of Tikrit University.

“The Iraqi security forces accompanied with tribal fighters from the armed clans have managed to repel ISIS militants’ attack on the University of Tikrit. The Fierce clashes between the two sides resulted in killing 150 ISIS elements and destroying 6 armored vehicles in the surrounding areas of the university”, Al-Names stated for IraqiNews.

He also added, “Iraqi Air Force offered us air support by warplanes covering the surrounding areas during the clashes, and managed to deal with all approaching targets.”

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