Clashes Continue in North of Lebanon,12 Wounded

Sat Oct 25, 2014 13:54:52

The Lebanese army repelled a terrorist group that tried to infiltrate into the area of Wadi Hmayed in Arsal, according to Al-Manar reporter and clashes renewed on Saturday between the Lebanese Army and terrorists in Tripoli.

In Tripoli, clashes renewed on Saturday between the Lebanese Army and terrorists and stretched to the historical market where constant shooting is being heard.

The Lebanese army says troops are battling “Islamic militants” in the northern city of Tripoli for a second day, with 12 people wounded in the clashes. An army statement released Saturday says troops have surrounded the gunmen in Tripoli's old market and are trying to detain them.

The clashes in Lebanon's second largest city began Friday night, and on Saturday residents said they could hear gunfire and sporadic explosions.The Lebanese army said 8soldiers were wounded in the clashes. The state-run National News Agency said four civilians were also wounded.

Clashes Continue in Tripoli of Lebanon,12 Wounded

The clashes broke out in the city of Tripoli early Saturday, two days after government troops raided an apartment in the Dinniyeh region to capture a defected soldier.

The army arrested Ahmad Miqati, one of the most senior commanders of the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group in Lebanon, and his fugitive son accused of beheading troops taken hostage in August.

Miqati recently pledged allegiance to ISIL leader Abubakr al-Baghdadi.He has been recruiting Lebanese militants to fight alongside the ISIL terrorists in Lebanon and Syria.

Al-Alam exclusive image

Al-Alam exclusive image

What happened in Tripoli?: Sources

“aljoumhouria” Lebanese newspapre's site reporters says yesterday at around 8:30 pm, and upon uncertain information that Ahmad Mikati was killed, a large number of militants was deployed to Tripoli’s markets and near Abou Ali bridge and started to fire gunshots at the Lebanese army.

The army retaliated and brought mechanized reinforcements as it blocked the road outside ABC mall as well as the road linking Tripoli’s Abi Samra to al-Qalaa area.

Clashes with militants wounded 3 soldiers, including a lieutenant.Information reported the head of the militant group was killed and his group retreated after being surrounded by the army.

Militants fled in the streets and the market as clashes expanded to the regions of Terbiaa, al-Zahiriye bridge, Miatayn road and al-Tal Square.

Gunshots were also reported in Moutran Steet near an Army Intelligence outpost and in Miatayn road as LAF were heavily deployed in Abi Samra.Stray bullets reached further regions.

Information to Al Joumhouria Newspaper reported that the attacks began after the Friday prayer, when Sheikh Khaled Hoblos and Sheikh Tarek Khayyat - two radical cleric- called for an armed insurgency against the army.

In their speeches, the Sheikhs accused the army of implementing the security plan against the Sunnis and they called on the Sunnis to defect.After the prayer, more than 150 militants were gathered at Bab al-Tebbaneh and began to infiltrate into Tripoli’s market.

At 8:00 pm, the Lebanese Army was reported that militants intended to enter a mosque and declare Tripoli an emirate after calling on youths to join them and carry out attacks against the army.

Al-Alam exclusive image

Al-Alam exclusive image

Immediately, army units were deployed and clashed with the militants after surrounding them in several regions.Several soldiers were injured in the clashes.

Chadi al Mawlawi’s group attempted to get back to their first ‘bastion’ in al-Tabbaneh but failed as the army was blocking all the entrances and roads leading to the area.

Clashes with the LAF continued on several axes, where it ranged from heavy gunshots to intermittent, as militants were using civilian buildings to snipe soldiers.

The Lebanese army surrounded Sheikh Khaled Hoblos who hid in Haroun al-Rachid mosque and implemented strict security measures in the important regions as it alerted its units.The number of militants reportedly reached 200.

Sources also reported that Abou Hourera, son of Ahmad Mikati and an ISIL official, was in Khan al-Askar when the army raided the place and was plotting an operation against the army that is due to begin today on the occasion of the Islamic New Year.

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