Blasts kill more than 21 in Iraq Capital

Blasts kill more than 21 in Iraq Capital
Tue Oct 21, 2014 16:41:07

A series of bombs blasts across Baghdad killed at least 21 people on Tuesday, police and medics said.

12 people were killed in Baghdad's northern Talibiya district when a car bomb blew up directly in front of a restaurant and another in the parking lot, which also wounded at least 40 people.

Series of bombings targeted members of Iraq's Shiite majority and have left more than 40 dead in three days.

Earlier today a homemade bomb exploded close to a restaurant in Baghdad's Sheikh Omar neighborhood, killing 2 civilians, and two more blasts near restaurants in the south of the capital left a further 7 people dead, police and medical sources said.

Also today a bomb struck at an out-door market in the southern district of Abu Dashir, a mostly Shiite neighborhood, killing 4 people and wounding 9, police officials said.

A little bit later, a bomb that went off near a small restaurant in central Baghdad killed 5 people and wounded 12, the officials said.Another bomb exploded at a commercial street in the town of Madian, just south of Baghdad, killing 2 people and wounding 4.

There was no immediate claim for the bombings, but the ISIS terrorist group, has said it carried out other similar attacks in recent days.Suicide bombers struck Shiite mosques in Baghdad on Sunday and Monday, killing at least 33 people in total.

IS and other Sunni extremists frequently target Shiites with bombings, the victims of which are almost entirely civilians.

Security forces and allied Shiite volunteer fighters have kept IS from attempting to enter the capital in months of heavy fighting, but militants are still able to carry out near-daily bombings in Baghdad.

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