Iran’s new plan to increase oil output

Iran’s new plan to increase oil output
Sun Sep 21, 2014 16:00:49

Managing Director of Iran’s Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) Saeed Hafezi says oil production in Lavan oil field will increase by 20 thousand barrels in the near future, adding that with the rehabilitation of oil platforms in offshore oil fields production will increase there as well.

Increase in crude oil production capacity is among plans of the Oil Ministry under the 11th government for the realization of which priority will be given to exploitation from joint fields, increase in oil recovery and rehabilitation of the Persian Gulf platforms.

The operation field of the Offshore Oil Company encompasses an area of 1800 km long in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea (except for South and North Pars) and 27 to 120 km wide which undertakes a remarkable part of oil production in the Persian Gulf.

He also pointed to the operation of a new drilling rig at Lavan and said due to its activity production in the area will soon increase by 15 to 20 thousand barrels.

source : IRNA