Senior US diplomat in Cairo for talks

Senior US diplomat in Cairo for talks
Wed Sep 10, 2014 18:55:28

A senior advisor to the US Secretary of State John Kerry has arrived in the Egyptian capital Cairo from Saudi Arabia for a four-day visit.

The late Tuesday arrival of David Thorn comes as part of ongoing talks with Cairo regarding regional issues, including growing terrorism in Iraq and Syria, as well as political instability in Libya.

US-backed Saudi regime had earlier announced that it would be hosting talks on challenges threatening the region and the rise of militancy. The talks, due to take place on Thursday, are to include the US, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and other Persian Gulf states.

The US is purportedly trying to lead in an “international coalition” aimed in an effort to defeat Takfiri ISIL terrorists spreading across parts of Iraq and Syria.

The foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists, widely believed to be supplied and supported by Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf allies, have so far murdered thousands and declared a so-called “Muslim caliphate.”


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