Arab League urges military, political war on ISIL

Arab League urges military,  political war on ISIL
Sun Sep 7, 2014 17:47:22

Egyptian diplomat and Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi has called for a comprehensive military and political confrontation with ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria as well as other Takfiri elements.

"What is needed is a clear decision for a comprehensive confrontation, militarily and politically," Arabi said at a meeting of Arab foreign ministers, a day after he and US Secretary of State John Kerry discussed taking action against the Takfiri terrorist group that controls swathes of Iraq and Syria.

An Arab League diplomat further told reporters that the ministers were considering adopting a resolution on combating the ISIL and "coordinating with the United States to confront this terrorist organization."

Iraq earlier welcomed US President Barack Obama's plan for an international coalition against Takfiri terrorism as a "strong message of support," after repeatedly calling for assistance against ISIL terror elements.

Obama outlined the plan at a NATO summit Friday for a broad coalition to defeat ISIL, which led an offensive that overran parts of Iraq in June and also holds significant territory in neighboring Syria.

According to a diplomatic source, a draft Arab League resolution written by Iraq supports efforts to confront ISIL terrorists, describing actions by the Takfiri group as “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity.”


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