Pentagon rules out Russia-US military engagement over Ukraine

Pentagon rules out Russia-US military engagement over Ukraine
Thu Sep 4, 2014 13:35:39

United States Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel excluded the possibility of any military engagement between Russia and the US over the situation in Ukraine, the CNN reported.

“We’re not going to get into a military engagement, a war, over this with Russia,” Hagel said as quoted by the CNN.

Apart from that, Hagel defended the US response to the Ukraine conflict and dismissed any criticism about Washington’s failure in reaching a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Hagel claimed that Russia continues to take “very dangerous escalatory actions” with regards to Ukraine.

Although Washington keeps unjustifiably blaming Moscow in escalating the Ukrainian conflict, Kremlin, in contrary, does everything possible to assist in stabilizing situation in eastern Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined a seven-point plan for the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine, calling on Kiev to withdraw troops from southeastern regions of the country and militia to cease military advances. The plan also includes proposals for an international monitoring force, the establishment of a humanitarian corridor, a ban on the use of combat aircraft over urban areas, an exchange of prisoners in an “all for all” formula and direct repair-crew access to destroyed infrastructure in the war-ravaged areas.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko supported Russia’s readiness to implement a joint plan of actions on peaceful settlement of a conflict in Donbas.


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