UAE fighter jets bomb militants in Libya: US

UAE fighter jets bomb militants in Libya: US
Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:04:15

The United Arab Emirates has secretly sent warplanes on bombing raids against militias in Libya over the past week, using bases in Egypt, US officials say.

The two attacks carried out over seven days mark a dramatic expansion of the conflict as the United States and its European allies denounced "outside interference" in Libya.

The strikes signaled a step toward direct action by regional Arab states that previously have fought proxy wars in Libya, Syria and Iraq in a struggle for power and influence.

The bombing raids were first reported by The New York Times and militant forces in Libya also had alleged strikes had taken place.

"The UAE carried out those strikes," one of the officials told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Asked about the account, the senior US official said "the report is accurate."

The United States did not take part or provide any assistance in the bombing raids, the two officials said.

The first airstrikes took place a week ago, focusing on targets in Tripoli held by the militias, including a small weapons depot, according to the Times. Six people were killed in the bombing.

A second round was conducted south of the city early Saturday targeting rocket launchers, military vehicles and a warehouse, according to the newspaper.

Those strikes may have represented a bid to prevent the capture of the Tripoli airport, but the militia forces eventually prevailed and seized control of it despite the air attacks.

The UAE -- which has spent billions on US-manufactured warplanes and other advanced weaponry -- provided the military aircraft, aerial refueling planes and aviation crews to bomb Libya, while Cairo offered access to its air bases, the paper said.

But it remained unclear whether and to what degree Egypt and the UAE had informed the Americans in advance of the airstrikes.

When pressed on the issue, US officials could not confirm that Egypt and the Emirates had left Washington totally in the dark about the air attacks.

Neither the UAE nor Egypt publicly acknowledged any role in the air strikes.

Over the past decade, the Emirates have purchased dozens of US F-16 fighter jets, as well as transport aircraft, precision-guided bombs and advanced missiles for their warplanes.

About 5,000 American troops are based in the Emirates, most of them airmen stationed at Al-Dhafra Air Base.


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