Iraq warns all nations on intrusion, arming locals

Iraq warns all nations on intrusion, arming locals
Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:15:32

The Bureau of Iraqi Armed Forces General Command has warned all countries about exploiting the security situation in north of the country by violating the nation’s sovereignty and arming any local entity with weaponry without the consent of the central government.

“We are warning all countries concerning the exploitation of northern Iraq’s security conditions and violating the national sovereignty and arming local sides with weapons and ammunition without our consent,” said the military command center in a Sunday statement cited by the local al-Iraqiya TV network.

The military command office had earlier underlined that several military aircraft had violated the Iraqi air space in the past days and delivered military equipment with the knowledge or consent of the central government in Baghdad.

The development comes as number of Western countries, including the US, Britain and France have vowed to offer arms to Kurdish entities in Northern Iraq under the pretext of fighting off ISIL Takfiri terrorists who have captured a number of towns and villages north of the country and committed various atrocities against the local population.


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