Children protest Israeli child-killer terror campaign in Gaza

Children protest Israeli child-killer terror campaign in Gaza
Tue Aug 12, 2014 17:11:17

Hundreds of Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah have staged a march to show solidarity with their counterparts in the Gaza Strip amid a deadly Israeli offensive that has claimed the lives of hundreds of children in the embattled coastal territory.

Accompanied by protest organizers, young marchers set out for the United Nations office in Ramallah on Tuesday morning.

They called on international organizations to protect Gaza's children from Israel's "destruction machine."

Some wore t-shirts bearing the names of children killed in the Gaza Strip in recent Israeli terror campaign.

"This demonstration carries a message to the United Nations: Palestine's children demand to live like all other children of the world, without war or killing," protest organizer Maissoun Hega told Anadolu Agency.

"The Israeli army is targeting and killing children in Gaza - and even in the West Bank," she added.

Nine-year-old marcher Aya Jawad declared: "It's our right as children to live and not get killed by airstrikes."

"The world must stop Israel from killing us," she added.

Organizers also delivered a letter to UN Chief Ban Ki-moon through the international body's Ramallah office.

At least 449 Palestinian children have been among the 1940 Gazans slain by unrelenting Israeli attacks on the blockaded enclave since July 7.

Over 3004 children in Gaza are also among the nearly 10,000 Palestinians who have been injured to date in Israel's terror campaign.


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