Ex-Zionist military chief admits to Israel's defeat

Ex-Zionist military chief admits to Israel's defeat
Mon Aug 11, 2014 15:31:57

Former Zionist war minister has admitted to the failure of the regime’s 'Solid Rock' operation against the besieged Gaza strip and the success of the Palestinian resistance in pushing the Israeli forces towards a war of attrition.

Shaul Mofaz was cited by Israeli media outlets as making the remarks on Sunday, further expressing his belief that the regime’s recent massive onslaught against Gaza’s Palestinian population did not fulfill its intended objectives.

"In fact, Israel reached the point where Hamas and its allies wanted her (the Zionist regime) to be, and they are accomplishing their objectives by leading her [in]to a war of attrition," he said.

"Indeed, these days we are facing the loss of trust in Israel which is ought to be restored, Solid Rock was supposed to restore security and trust to Israelis but it didn’t,” Mofaz further emphasized, referring to the Zionist settlers’ feelings of insecurity.

The former Zionist military chief also strongly criticized the management of the regime’s ongoing war on Gaza, underlining that “we started the battle late and quitted Gaza strip soon; not only our goals weren’t achieved but also deterrent power was not restored."

"Southern Israel residents lost their trust in security secretaries and cabinet, we only accomplished Hamas’s Goals,” The Zionist official underlined.

The development comes as the Palestinian resistance insists on permanent removal of the Israeli siege on Gaza as its top condition for agreeing to a durable ceasefire with the Zionist regime, adding that it is prepared to continue fighting the occupation forces by targeting entire Israeli-occupied territories.


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