UK theatre pulls Jewish festival over Gaza war

UK theatre pulls Jewish festival over Gaza war
Wed Aug 6, 2014 19:11:30

The Tricycle Theatre in London has decided not to host the UK Jewish Film Festival (UKJFF), which is partially funded by the Israeli embassy, due to the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Indhu Rubasingham, artistic director of the theatre, said the board had decided to cut ties with the festival because of its funding.

“The festival receives funding from the Israeli embassy and, given the current conflict in Israel and Gaza, we feel it is inappropriate to accept financial support from any government agency involved,” said Rubasingham.

The artistic director added that the Tricycle would refrain from getting any funding coming from government agencies "involved in the conflict."

The theatre’s chairman, Jonathan Levy, echoed the director’s comments in a written explanation, saying, “the Tricycle will be pleased to host the UKJFF provided that it occurs without the support or other endorsement from the Israeli government.”

The organizers of the festival expressed disappointment at the decision, while others within the arts industry voiced their support for the theatre.

Nicholas Hytner, director of the National Theatre, said he supported the Tricycle's decision.

This comes as Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza agreed on Tuesday to a temporary ceasefire amid an Israeli war on the Palestinian enclave, which was launched on July 8. The Israeli war has killed nearly 2,000 people, including some 400 children.


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