Israeli intelligence eavesdropped on top US diplomat

Israeli intelligence eavesdropped on top US diplomat
Sun Aug 3, 2014 18:59:20

Israeli intelligence operatives have eavesdropped on phone calls made by US Secretary of State John Kerry during his 2013 mediation bid between the Zionist regime and the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority.

The Zionist regime’s spying efforts against a senior official of its top ally was revealed Saturday by German Magazine Der Spiegel.

Kerry made reviving diplomatic ties between Tel Aviv and the Wet Bank-based Palestinian Authority after a three-year freeze a central priority in the early months of his term as the Obama administration’s second secretary of state.

In June 2013, direct talks began and then totally collapsed months later, as persisting differences between the two sides overwhelmed whatever desire for an agreement the parties had brought to the Washington-brokered talks.

But when the delegations were just starting their doomed effort in the US, Kerry was busy mediating. Some of the diplomatic calls with his counterparts in the Middle East were made not on secure, scrambled channels but on regular phone lines.

The calls were intercepted by the Israeli regime’s secret spy agencies, Der Spiegel reported, citing intelligence sources.

In addition to the Israelis, who used the eavesdropped information to gain leverage during the talks, at least one other secret service was monitoring Kerry’s calls, Der Spiegel added, without elaborating.

The German magazine said the new revelations may damage the already tense US-Israeli ties amid the ongoing Zionist onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Last week, Kerry made another attempt to mediate the current crisis, but was strongly criticized by the Tel Aviv regime and failed to secure a lasting ceasefire.


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