US paying for Israeli systematic campaign of terror: political expert

US paying for Israeli systematic campaign of terror: political expert
Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:16:25

Israel is engaged in a systematic, cold blooded genocide against the people of Gaza, at the expense of US tax payers, says a political analyst who has visited Gaza twice as a member of a fact-finding mission.

This is a systematic campaign of terror, they have killed civilians again and again and again. And they have lied every time, William Dores told Russia Today in an interview on Wednesday.

The Israelis’ war on Gaza is a cold blooded, calculated, systematic massacre of civilians – collective punishment, equivalent to what was done by the Nazis in WWII, Dores said.

According to the analyst, Washington knows full well what is going on and Washington is paying for it. If the US government wants to stop the killing in Gaza, all it has to do is stop sending weapons and stop sending money to pay for it.

But the Pentagon announced today that it was resupplying Israel with artillery shells to use against the people of Gaza. US made F16s flown by US trained pilots are raining US-made missiles down on civilians who are trapped in a cage with nowhere to go, he added.

And all these platitudes about the investigation and ‘we want the violence to stop’ are meaningless said by American politicians, Dores mentioned.

Washington is giving Israel a blank check because it is paying for the carnage. And if there is any sincerity on the part of the US, this government needs to stop sending our tax money to Israel right now, and our weapons provided for free to this monstrous war machine, he said.

“I was in Gaza 25 years ago when it was still under Israeli occupation, I saw Israeli soldiers shoot children on the street. Was Hamas hiding behind them? No. There was no Hamas at that time. Israel has been carrying on genocide for decades. As we've been carrying out ethnic cleansing for decades, it has been treating Palestinians as less than human for decades. And our government continues to pay for it.”

“I was there again in 2009 as part of a medical relief convoy, to try to bring aid to the people of Gaza, medicine. Because the US government prosecutes people from the US who bring more than medicine to Gaza. And this was 6 months after 2008-09 war, the bombing of people who were still living in tents because Israel would not allow in cement to rebuild their homes,” he said.

Dores also said that Israel is invading Gaza. Israel is carrying out ethnic cleansing against the people of Gaza. Israel is attacking people who are living in a cage from the sea, air and land. Israel should stop the blockade of Gaza and let the people of Gaza live.


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